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How to solve the dripping problem of wine filling equipment

During the production process, wine filling equipment facilitates filling and improves production speed and work efficiency. However, some filling machines have dripping phenomenon, and the dripping phenomenon begins to appear. But for a long time, it will pollute machinery and equipment, cause material loss, and bring trouble and losses to production. So how to solve the dripping problem of wine filling equipment?

1. Check the mechanical failure of the filling machine and check whether the ball valve of the filling machine is damaged or loose. If the cause is the internal ball valve, the solution is to replace the internal ball valve. If the internal ball valve is damaged and cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced with a new ball valve.

2. Check whether the syringe is clean. If it is not clean, it will cause unclean blockage between the inner and outer tubes. Therefore, syringes should be removed, cleaned, disinfected, and maintained.

3. Check whether the fuel injector is intact. If the filling nozzle is damaged, the filling machine will leak during operation. Replace the damaged feed nozzle, check whether other feed nozzles are used, aged or corroded, and replace them as soon as possible.

4. Check the O-ring for corrosion or wear. If the O-ring is corroded or worn, it can also cause the filling machine to drip. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to replace the O-ring.

5. Check the position of the piston barrel. Check whether the cylinder is in the central support position of the cylinder and whether the cylinder piston and piston rod are firm. If loose, lock it. If the fault location of the cylinder changes, reinstall the cylinder and confirm that the position is correct.

Although the leakage problem of the filling machine is very small, if the leakage problem of the filling machine is not solved well, it may affect the efficiency and quality of our subsequent work. Therefore, attention should be paid to the leakage problem of the filling machine and solved in time to improve the service life and product quality of the filling machine.

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