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Flexible packaging barreled water filling machine seal detection

300BPH Barrel Water Filling Machine

1. Detection of sealing and heat sealing strength of flexible packaging barreled water filling machine

Heat sealing strength is an important performance indicator for packaging materials. Any kind of liquid flexible packaging material must be made into packaging bags to package various commodities, and packaged commodities must be heat sealed to achieve packaging purposes. The seal must have a certain strength to withstand the pressure of a certain weight of the contents to ensure that the product does not crack during circulation. The three major factors of heat sealing are heat sealing temperature, pressure and time. Different heat sealing factors are required according to different materials.

2. Sealing test of bottled water filling machine packaging

The sealing of flexible packaging is also an important performance indicator, especially in the bottled water filling machine industry. Sealing also has a great impact on the quality of the product. Poor sealing is the main cause of future leakage and corruption, seriously endangering food safety. There are many methods for sealing test. The most common method is to use a sealing tester, using the vacuum principle, and maintain it at -30kpa, -50kpa, -70kpa, and -90kpa for 0.5 minutes respectively according to national standards. During the test, pay attention to observing the vacuum. And the leakage of the sample during the vacuum maintenance period, observe whether there are continuous bubbles. When isolated bubbles appear, they are not considered leaks. The quality of the packaging bag can be measured by measuring the sealing performance, and then the rationality of the tight packaging process can be determined.

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