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Water Treatment Machine

Reverse osmosis is the membrane separation technology with the highest filtration accuracy. The filtering precision reaches 0.0001um. After filtering all the substances in the tap water, there is no minerals and trace elements, this water can be directly consumed. Impurities in the water such as soluble solids, organic matter, colloidal substances and bacteria are trapped by the reverse osmosis membrane, concentrated in the interception fluid and removed. The first-stage reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% of the dissolved solids in the raw water.

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Product Description

1. The production of pure water and ultrapure water for manufacturing industries such as monocrystalline silicon semiconductor integrated circuit blocks, kinescopes, glass bulbs, and liquid crystal displays for the electronics industry.
2. Water for the pharmaceutical industry: water for pharmaceuticals, preparation processes, medical hemodialysis, biochemical analysis, infusion, etc.
3. To produce thermal and thermal power generation boilers, softened water and desalinated pure water required for medium and low pressure boiler feed water in factories and mines.
4. Preparation of pure drinking water, distilled water, natural water, mineral water, mineralized water, liquor blending pure water for brewing in the beverage industry, beer saccharification feed water and pure draft beer filtration, etc.
5. High-quality water supply network system for hotels, buildings, communities and swimming pool water purification.
6. Prepare deionized water for electroplating process, pure water for battery (battery) production process, pure water for surface coating and cleaning of automobiles, household appliances, building materials, pure water for coated glass, and hardened brine for textile printing and dyeing process.
7. Process water for petrochemicals such as chemical reaction cooling, chemical reagents, fertilizers, fine chemicals, and cosmetics manufacturing processes.


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