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18-18-18-6 PET Bottle Beer Filling Machine

A complete beer production line solution from STM takes into account every step of your beer bottling process, from minimising resource waste to determining your bottle’s ideal look and weight. With everything centred around one supplier, you get wide-ranging expertise, line equipment and ongoing services. This ensures high quality and efficiency from packaging to equipment,fast ramp-up and beyond.

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Product Description

Automatic 18-18-18-6 PET bottle beer filling machine, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of carbonated soft drinks, beer, energy drink, and soda water, on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany.

·         Declining Twist Rinser Arrangement

o   Twist Rinse Decline Angle 30

o   Rinser Spray Nozzles Piping have Single Point Connection

o   Track and Rinser are supported

·         Trackwork Rinser Infeed and Trackwork Rinser Discharge

·         Fully Enclosed Spray Area to contain Spray Mist and Water Runoff

·         Under Track Drip Pan with Drain

·         Rinser manufactured with 304 stainless steel

·         This unit has a solenoid to shut down water when machine is not operating

·         Capable of 1500 (cph) Cans Per Hour or 25 (cpm) Cans Per Minute

STM is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery. Our main products have: water, juice, carbonated drinks, and also aerosol filling machine, and all other auxiliary equipment.


ModelRinsin HeadsFilling HeadsCapping HeadsCapacity (BPH)Motor Power (KW)Pimension (mm)Weight (kg)

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