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Pasteurization Tunnel

Pasteurization Tunnel Presentation :
Pasteurization Tunnel is widely used in beer factory to sterilize the beer with the bottle or cans. It is also called water spraying type bottle warming/cooling machine. Different from directly heating type flash sterilizing machine, this series Tunnel Pasteurizer could sterilize liquid product together with its package (glass bottle or PET bottle or can). It can kill all bacteria which possible exist in liquid product or package. Liquid product and its package are heated to sterilizing temperature, keep this temperature for a certain time, and then drop temperature to surrounding temperature by spraying cool water onto package.

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Product Description

Pasteurization Tunnel Advantage :

1).The frame mainly is SUS304, surface is the stainless steel of 304, and the stainless steel frame of 304,
the stainless steel foot margin is adjustable.
2). Optional temperature zones This equipment has 8 temperature zones, customers can choose any one
of the temperature zone. Facilitate the adjustment and save cost.
3). Adjustable temperature On the PLC control panel, one control button can control one temperature of
each zone. The customer can adjust it into any temperature.
4 ). Adjustable speed It equipped with PLC control panel, customers can be adjusted chain board speed.
 5). Equipped with waste treatment system.

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