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New Bottle Washing Machine

This new design new bottle washing machine for beer industry appeared in the process of recycling bottles, cleaning the mould of the bottle, sediment and dirt, difficult to clean.
The bottle washing machine uses the hot alkali soap spray, brush bottle within a strong decontamination device, effectively solve the recycled bottle cleaning problem.
Covers an area of small low power consumption at the same time can be connected directly on the bottle conveying line, without increasing labor costs.
The advantages of this type of machine are safe operation, simple maintenance, high efficiency and low labor. The bottle breakage rate is less than 0.2%. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers and beer manufacturers.

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Product Description

New Bottle Washing Machine Features

1. This glass bottle washing machine is available for various bottles shapes, such as round bottles, square bottles, and flat bottles.
2. Its capacity is 6000BPH for a 330ml Bottle. (BPH – Bottles Per Hour)
3. It can wash the bottle inside, bottle outside, and remove the labels (Wet glue type or easy removal label.)
4. The glass bottle washing machine is also available to connect with the beer/carbonated drink production line according to the client’s actual request.

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