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Labeling Machine

The labeling machine suit for bottle labeling on front back two sides with two sticker;

With rolling label device, suit for round bottle labeling wrap around;

With brush label cylinder,suit for square bottle labeling on different sides with one label

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Product Description

This labeling machine is mainly used for the surface labeling of various round bottles. The labeling process is stable and reliable. It can make the self-adhesive label on the side of the bottle flat, and print a clear production date, production batch number (the coding machine is hot code printing, Three rows of words). The structure of this machine is simple, concise and reasonable. It has a multi-channel control system. In case of bottle shortage, the control system will no longer send out the label paper, effectively preventing the waste of label paper. And there are protection functions such as automatic shutdown if there is no label or when the label is broken. The products are in full compliance with GMP requirements and are widely used in medicine, food, chemical and other industries.
1. Accurate labeling and high precision.
2. Nothing, no labeling, automatic correction and automatic detection when there is no label.
3. The machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or automatically connected with other installed machines.

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