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End Packing Machine Of Filling Line

Which One End Packing Machine Of Filling Line solution do you want?

solution 1: Carton erector– Packaging Machines– Carton Sealer
solution 2: Product depalletizer — Carton erector — Packaging Machines– Carton Sealer– Labeling Machine
solution 3: Product depalletizer–Labeling Machine–Carton erector–Packaging Machines– Carton Sealer–carton palletizer
Different automatic packaging line end-of-line solutions will use different machinery, different transportation systems, and control systems. If you want to update your production line to save your labor cost, please contact us to customize your exclusive packaging line solution.

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Product Description

End Packing Machine Of Filling Line Features

1. Adopt new technology design, human-machine interface, simple and clear, humanized operation mode.
2. Classic shape, beautiful, novel structure, unique, easy operation and maintenance. Electronic sensing PE film delivery, sending film stable, fast and convenient for membrane.
3. The third generation SHF thermostatic seal cutter, Edge firmly, cut off quickly. Sealing strength of cold cut hot knife more than 3 times, uniform sealing formation, the service life is 80 times the hot sealing knife.
4. Shrinkage chamber using circulating air supply technology, reasonable structure, thermal insulation, high temperature precision, shrink packaging effect is better.
5. Supporting Germany’s Siemens, Japan’s OMRON, UNIQUC and other advanced control components, well-equipped.
6. The gap between the cooling channel and the contraction channel is greater than 500mm, so that the cold wind can be avoided and the heat loss will be reduced.
7. Film-sending motor, new circulation wind motor with overload protection device; add OMRON intermediate relay, to protect the circuit security.

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