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Can Juice Filling Machine

Automatic can juice filling machine rinser filler capper 3-in-1 filling triblock, combined with rinsing, filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of energy drink, and juice, on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany.

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Product Description

The can juice filling machine is a full-automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit. It is used in washing, filling and sealing all kinds of drinks such as juice. The line has features of unique design,new style, complete functions,multi-purpose, convenient in operation, compact construction, high automaticity. It is the best filling equipment in China.

The filling valve

The filling valve is one of the key parts that the filling machine, the filling valve is make up of the valve core, valve body ,valve seat , umbrella?wide liquid valve—etc—
1. When can from in the center the star round enters a can-base of board, the filling valve taking the valve coat, the valve core is together up move, at this time 0 type roll 1 take off with the valve seat to open, enter the filling district.
2.The material continue downflow, until the bottle filling up ,when the rolls round to carry on the cam, the filling valve to move up,0 type circle 1compress tightly the valve body, make the material no longer enter the valve tube of the valve core.

STM is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery. Our main products have: water, juice, carbonated drinks, and also aerosol filling machine, and all other auxiliary equipment.


ModelFillin HeadsApplicationPacking MaterialCapacity (BPH)Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)
YLGF12-412BeerAluminum / Tin / PET Cans20001800X1300X23001800
YLGF18-418(Non) Carbonated drinksAluminum / Tin / PET Cans50002300X1400X23002500
YLGF30-630Cold coffeeAluminum / Tin / PET Cans70002580X1700X19003000
YLGF40-640Sparking / Soda waterAluminum / Tin / PET Cans100002900X2200X19503800
YLGF40-1040Herbal teaAluminum / Tin / PET Cans120004800X2300X25005000

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