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18-4 Can Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine

This equipment is the appropriative filling machine of (Aluminum Can) carbonated drinks;
Introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology as the foundation. According to the requirement of beverage filling process in our country, it is a kind of filling equipment with advanced

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Product Description

18-4 can carbonated drinks filling machine combined with filling and capping. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of carbonated soft drinks, beer and soda water, on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany.

Cola, , Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water…the variety of carbonated beverage is ever changing. New trend, new products and new packaging are emerging continuously.
For carbonated filling machines, how to rise up the filling temperature to reduce energy consumption? How to reduce foaming? How to keep accurate filling?How to avoid the residuals in the neck? How to preserve the CO2…it is not an easy task to handle all these challenges. However, no matter what products, King Machine will achieve your target with the best technology.
Meanwhile, STM Machine filling machine can realize multiple functions in one equipment. One machine can do water, carbonated drinks and hot filling products.

STM is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery. Our main products have: water, juice, carbonated drinks, and also aerosol filling machine, and all other auxiliary equipment.


ModelFilling HeadsCapping HeadsCapacity (BPH)Motor Power (KW)Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)

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